The 3 Best White Noise & Sound Machines in 2019 For Peaceful Sleep

Stressing out from the lack of sleep? Trying to fall asleep but can't?

Based on well-documented research, white noise machines can help you to sleep better. 

In this article, we've done intensive research to narrow down the best white noise machines and sound conditioners in 2019 to help you sleep peacefully.

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Marpac Dohm DS White Noise Sound Machine Review


LectroFan White Noise Machine Review


Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II White Noise Machine Review


Best White Noise Machines Reviews 2019

Marpac Dohm DS White Noise Sound Machine Review

This white noise machine is the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. It's great to know that the machine will work, no matter what sleep disorder you may have.

There are two speeds available on this white noise machine. A dual speed motor, a unique asymmetrical fan, and acoustic housing provide a soothing sound. The Marpac Signature Sound provides the sound of rushing air.

​The dual speed fan allows you to customize the machine. You can change the tone and volume to find the perfect sound for helping you relax and sleep through the night.

The machine does have an 8-foot power cord that plugs into your wall outlets. You can turn it on and choose the high or low setting at the flip of a switch. Relaxing and falling asleep wouldn't be so difficult anymore.

The housing of the machine is assembled in the USA, and it is crafted from sturdy plastic. It's ideal for any family that may have rowdy kids that love to play around in their bedroom. It won't break easily, which is perfect for any family.

The machine is ideal for anyone who needs sleep, concentration, or privacy in their homes. Any distracting sounds coming from inside and outside the house are drowned out. If you live in a city or visiting a hotel, this is perfect for letting everyone in your home relax.

If you or your partner is a shift worker, adding this machine in your bedroom will give the peace you need to sleep. If your partner snores in bed, the device can block their snoring.

The machine is the perfect size to fit on any night table or dresser. It doesn't take up a lot of space, which is good if you need space in your bedroom.​

LectroFan White Noise Machine Review

If you've never used a white noise machine before, you will fall in love with this one. You can customize the machine to produce the right noise for helping you sleep and relax. If you're having issues finding the perfect sleep setting, you can call the company to assist you.

No matter if you're trying to study or block out your noisy neighbors, this machine will help you in a pinch. The machine has the capability to block out any noise you don't want. The setting mask allows you to customize the machine to block out different sounds.

The machine is ideal for your baby, especially when it's naptime. It masks any disruptive noises to let your baby sleep. You can use the machine to help your baby get into a routine that makes it easier for them to sleep. It's the best way to help them get the sleep they need to stay healthy.

The machine has 10 different noise options that cover just about any disruptive noise. The 10 fan sounds provide options for what you're doing. The sleep timer allows you to fall asleep while the machine is running to let you sleep soundly.

The machine does have various sleep settings to help you out. The recommendations are ideal for any situation you're dealing with. No matter if you're trying to drown out the neighbor's dog, or have a little bit of noise, the machine will work.

The machine is compact and portable, which is ideal for any traveler. You won't have to leave the machine at home when you go out of town on business. If you're going on vacation, you will be able to enjoy it more when you have a full night of sleep.

Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II White Noise Machine Review

This machine has a patent pending combination of sounds. The white noise tones help lull you into a state of relaxation to fall asleep. The machine does have sleep therapy programs that are ideal for any situation.

The design of the machine is simple, yet elegant that looks great in any bedroom. The dual speakers provide extra bass to fill the room with white noise. You can cancel out any noise from inside or outside your house. You can say goodbye to noisy construction that starts early in the morning.

You can control the ones easily with a simple adjustment. You can personalize the sound to help you find the perfect tone. There are 16 different tones to help you relax. Choose from white noise, nature, and water tones to help you calm down and get ready to sleep.

There are 8 different sleep therapy programs you can customize. You can combine nature and water tones with the white noise to get the perfect setting. It's the ideal way to help you fall asleep and wake up rested in the morning.

The remote control provides interaction with the machine. You can access the deep sleep machine with the remote to let you stay in bed. That's the best way to keep the machine across the room where the most noise is coming from.

You can also set the length of the tones to help you sleep. No matter if you're going to bed or trying to meditate, the machine works how long you want it to. If you need to turn it off in the middle of the night, you can grab the remote to do it.

The sounds and tones coming from the machine are realistic. You can store the remote on the back of the machine when you're not using it. It will stay in place by the magnets in the back of the machine.​

Benefits of White Noise

So far, we know that white noise can help you get a great night's sleep, but there are other benefits to adding a white noise machine in the bedroom. Even though you may not realize why you feel better and ready to take charge, knowing the benefits can help you make a decision.

One benefit of a white noise machine is that not only does it encourage a deep sleep; it can help with insomnia. Many people suffer from insomnia, and you may have a little bit yourself. Insomnia can be cured by adding a white noise machine to your bedroom.

White noise can also enhance mediation. When it is combined with binaural beats, it enhances the experience and allows your brain to focus. You can center more on breathing when white noise is playing in the background.

If you suffer from tinnitus, such as ringing in the ears, it can reduce the effects, so they're not as loud. There are many natural benefits in using white noise, and the studies back it up.

In a 2007 Swedish study, children with ADHD were able to concentrate and perform better when white noise was in the background. It soothed their brains down enough so they could pay attention when they were learning a topic.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Machine

Types of Sounds

  • Pure White Noise - Even if you think you've never heard white noise before, you most likely have. TV channels without a picture generate white noise, and if you have the volume turned up, it can be annoying. It runs on frequencies that produce a steady sound

    Even if you think you've never heard white noise before, you most likely have. TV channels without a picture generate white noise, and if you have the volume turned up, it can be annoying. It runs on frequencies that produce a steady sound

    There are many ways to describe white noise, but the most satisfying answer is that it is the sound of rushing air. Since it is on one frequency, it is easy to see why your brain will relax when listening to white noise.

    Even though white noise appears to be simple, in fact, there are varieties of white noise. The white noise coming from your TV is the most popular, though. That might be why white noise can be so comforting and relaxing.
  • Combinations of sounds - There are different types of white noise, including brown and pink. While using a color to describe a sound seems counterintuitive, there are reasons. The different frequencies are the reason why some white noise sounds different.

    Pink noise is deeper and has less high-pitched hissing. It has to do with octaves and how changing octaves generates different tones. Transferred energy can result in different tones, and a deeper tone is called pink noise.

    Brown noise is deeper than pink noise. It is similar to what a waterfall sounds like. It is called brown noise, thanks to Robert Brown, founder of Brownian motion. It's hard to create, and there is a lot of science behind it. If you were wondering whether brown noise can release your bowels, you'd be happy to know it's just an urban legend.


White noise machines have a broad range of prices. They can be inexpensive, or remarkably expensive. Depending on your budget, the price may not matter so much, especially if you're sleeping better. There are valid reasons why some are more expensive than others. Extra features such as timers and alarm clocks can be more expensive.

If you're in the market for a good white noise machine without the extra features, you can save a little bit of money. You should check out the different prices and what the machine can do. You should consider what you can live with and without on your machine. There's no need to spend more on features that you'll not use.

Timer, Alarm, Clock

Having a timer on your alarm clock is an excellent way to wake up in the morning. Even when you're getting ready for bed, having that reminder is a good way to start your routine. You'll be able to get comfortable and relaxed and ready to sleep right away.

The alarm on a white noise machine is ideal because you can get rid of the old alarm clock. You can set it for when you need to get up and get ready for the next day. You can set it, so the machine goes off when you need to wake up. It's a more comfortable way to start the day, than fighting an alarm clock.

A clock on the white noise machine prevents you from checking the time on your phone. You won't have to fight the bright light on your phone to see how many hours of sleep you have left. And if you get rid of the annoying alarm clock, you can still tell what time it is.

Power Source

White noise machines typically are powered by an outlet in the wall. You can plug them in, set all of the timers and the alarm clock. Even if you're looking for a white noise machine to take on your travels, you can find one with adapters to plug into international outlets.

If you hunt around, you can find some white noise machines that use batteries. This will be a good alternative if you don't have the right adapter for an outlet. The biggest problem with batteries is that they can die, and they can be expensive to replace. It all boils down to your preferences.

Size of Machine

The size of the machine is important depending on how you want to use it. If you're looking for one to put in your bedroom while you sleep, a large one would be sufficient. It can fit perfectly on your nightstand. If you need to move it around the room, it is easy enough to move it.

If you're a traveler, you don't want a bulky machine taking up space inside your bags. You will want one that can wrap up and be stored easily inside your luggage bag. You can easily get through security checkpoints, and you'll have more space for your belongings.

What is White Noise?

White noise machines, or sound conditioners, emit constant and soothing sounds. They block out background noise and allow your brain to calm down. They moderate the noise level of an environment, which allows you to focus. There is a variety of white noise, and they have an impressive amount of benefits. Below is a video that describes all these.

The low-frequency output of white noise prevents outside noises from becoming a distraction. They tune out those noises, allowing you to concentrate and relax. They stimulate the brain, which is ideal if you're in a noisy environment. You can find white noise machines in homes and offices.

Their sounds can vary, including higher frequencies. There are many types of white noise, and each type has a different color term for it. For example, higher frequencies are called pink noise. It is similar to white noise and has its benefits. The sound that's emitted by white noise machines can be comparable to a waterfall.

Who Needs It?

Nearly everyone could use a white noise machine. No matter if you use it for sleeping or to drown out background noise, there are plenty of reasons to get a white noise machine. Here are some reasons you should get a white noise machine:

  • Snoring - When people snore while they sleep, they can keep their partners up at night. Using a white noise machine is the perfect way to help your partner sleep. There's no invasive equipment, and it is an inexpensive option. Both of you will sleep peacefully.
  • Noisy Homes - Whether there's construction going on outside, or kids running around, there can be a lot of noise at home. A white noise machine can drown out all the background noise. It's the perfect way to help you find your center.
  • Infants - Keeping a white noise machine in your infant's room can establish a naptime ritual. It will also block out the noise for when you're cleaning. They won't hear the vacuum or dishes being washed.
  • Travelers - You can get a white noise machine that is easy to pack up and take on a business trip. You can get an excellent night's sleep when you have the white noise machine in your hotel room.
  • Offices - Whether it's a doctor's office, or you're sitting at your desk. White noise will help you focus on your work, and they're ideal for doctor's offices. A doctor will be able to keep in compliance with HIPAA when they have a white noise machine.

Sounds that Improve Sleep

Even while you're sleeping, your brain is still working. It still registers outside sounds and noises, which can negatively affect your sleep cycle. Different factors can affect your sleep, and you can feel tired and groggy the next day.

While leaving the TV on while you sleep seems like a good idea, but it can disrupt your sleep cycle. The changing tones and sounds can alert you to wake up, even if you don't remember waking up in the morning. If you have to get up and turn off the TV, you won't be able to get in the complete sleep cycle.

Noise can come from anywhere, whether it's your partner's snoring or construction outside your house. Luckily, white noise machines can help drown out those distracting noises. There are different types of white noises, including pink and brown noise. Since they're cutting off other obnoxious noises, you can sleep soundly.

White Noise and Babies

Since white noise can moderate noise levels, it can provide a backdrop for rest at a constant rate. Many studies have been conducted on adults, so it was only a matter of time before the effects were studied on children.

Jennifer Schindele, a pediatric sleep consultant, attests that white noise machines can be beneficial to adults and children. She claims that white noise blocks out the daily distraction of noise that can interrupt your sleep cycle. Even using a sound like rain can help anyone sleep steadily.

Conner Herman and Kira Ryan, founders of Dream Team Baby, have given white noise machines their stamp of approval. They have tested white noise machines on children, and the study shows that children get a healthier sleep with the white noise machine on. Even when they created sounds like slamming doors, children still slept better with the white noise machine on.

How Does White Noise Help You Sleep?

In the National Sleep Foundation's 2012 Bedroom Poll, 74% of Americans rated a quiet room important to a good night's sleep. Incorporating white noise into a bedroom can increase your sleep cycle to make sure you get a full night of sleep.

So how does white noise help you sleep, you probably wonder?

It starts with a bedtime ritual. Even if you have a bedtime ritual, you may find yourself tossing and turning at night. When the white noise machine is turned on, any outside noises are blocked out. Your brain is always working, and white noise can help your brain calm down and relax.

When you finally fall asleep, the white noise helps you stay asleep. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night, you'll find that it's easier to fall back asleep. There are times when you do wake up in the middle of the night without realizing it, but white noise can calm you down. Plus, if you have a little machine, you can take it anywhere you go.

All of this adds up to give your brain a chance to quiet down, so you feel more rested and ready to go in the morning. We know how important it is to you to get a good night's rest. That's why we love talking about it so much.


Marpac Dohm DS White Noise Sound Machine Review


LectroFan White Noise Machine Review


Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II White Noise Machine Review


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