8 Best Travel Neck Pillows In 2019 For Airplanes & Long Haul Flights

It can be hard getting enough sleep when you're always traveling.

It doesn't matter when you're on a long road trip or flying across the oceans. You need a way to get plenty of sleep.

A neck pillow is an excellent way to ensure you get all the sleep you need.

You should be comfortable, and the best neck pillows in 2019 will give you the support you need to fall asleep quickly.


Best Travel Neck Pillows 2019

 J-pillow Travel Pillow Reviews

Award Winning

Having won the 2013 British Invention of the Year, this travel pillow is one of the most respected brands available. The company has grown globally, and people from all around the world have bought this pillow.


The pad is portable enough to use on a window seat on an airplane, making it one of the best for traveling. Whether you're planning on using the pillow for travel or just hanging around at home, this pillow will keep you comfortable.


The design allows you to put in your luggage without taking up too much space. You can also hook it onto the outside of your luggage, allowing you to keep the pillow right by your side when you're traveling.


​The whole pillow can be washed, making it ideal for anyone looking for a pillow that doesn't need too much cleaning. You need not remove the cover before putting it in the washing machine, making it practical for those that are always on the go.


  • Fits perfectly on window seats
  • Keeps your neck aligned
  • Keeps you comfortable
  • It is of excellent quality


  • Only supports your neck in one position

 Travelrest Travel Neck Pillow Reviews

Full Support

Your body will have full support when you're using this pillow. Your upper back can relax, making it better for you when you're trying to sleep. You will stay asleep longer when you're thoroughly supported.​

Proper Alignment​

Most people have trouble sleeping when their neck and back are not adequately aligned. This pillow prevents your head and neck moving too far to one side or the other, allowing you to keep your spine straight. It is inflatable, allowing you to fill it up to a comfortable level.

Ergonomic Design

The pillow has an ergonomic design, which gives you the support you need to sleep comfortably. It prevents tension and neck strain, which can make sleeping difficult. Anyone that sleeps on their sides will appreciate using this pillow to get some sleep when they're traveling.


The pillow is adjustable, allowing anyone to use it for a quick nap. You can use it in a variety of ways to keep you comfortable. It will loop over the headrests in cars and planes to stay in position. It's ideal for any travel method.​


  • Easy to inflate
  • Comfortable for an inflatable pillow
  • Provides excellent support
  • Ideal for traveling anywhere


  • The pillow can move around if not secured

 Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Reviews

Memory Foam

The pillow contains memory foam, allowing you sleep to comfortably. The rise of memory foam for sleeping products has proven they work well when used. Your neck will be supported without putting you in an awkward position when you're sleeping.

Full Support

The neck pillow has the best support for anyone. It has a 360-degree support, allowing those that put their chin to their chest to sleep comfortably. The rear cushion is flat, making it ideal for anyone looking to relax while in a chair when they're traveling.


You can take the pillow anywhere you want to go as it packs away easily. You can take it wherever you go to stay relaxed and catch some sleep.


The ergonomic design makes it easy to fall asleep. Since your upper body and neck are sufficiently supported, you won't need to worry about tension. It's ideal for those that suffer from neck and back pain when they're sleeping.​


  • It is extremely comfortable
  • Prevents neck pain
  • Ideal for using on airplanes
  • Works anywhere


  • May not work with large headphones

Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow Reviews


The Wall Street Journal did a review on this product claimed that they are extremely comfortable. It provided enough support and was designed to handle your neck, even when you're in the middle seat with nothing at the sides to rest on.


The neck pillow is adjustable, allowing you to be in the perfect position to keep you comfy. You can flip the pillow, turn it, and twist it to put it in the desired position for you. If endless traveling is in your agenda, having more options with the pillow makes travel a breeze.


The two plush pillows cradle your head to keep you protected. It is flat in the back, making it ideal for anyone to use the pillow in an airplane. Many would agree that if you feel well rested, you're more able to conquer your travels.

Carrying Case

For those that don't have enough room in their luggage, they can store their pillow in the convenient carrying case. It slips easily over the handle, allowing you to carry your luggage conveniently. You can use one hand to carry all your luggage.​


  • It is soft and comfortable
  • Convenient carry case
  • It is adjustable
  • Won't hurt your neck


  • It can move out of place

 Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow Reviews

Removable Insert

The pillow has a removable insert, allowing you to adjust the thickness to your preference. No matter how you're sitting, you can adjust the pillow to help you stay comfortable. It's excellent for those traveling on a plane since you can adjust it however you want it to be.

Memory Foam

The pillow consists of memory foam, making it practical for anyone looking to get some sleep on a plane. The pillow molds to fit your neck size, keeping you comfortable while you're sleeping.

Machine Washable​

​The cover of the pillow is machine washable, allowing you to keep it clean for your next trip. To wash the case, you just need to zip the pillow open and take out the memory foam. For those who are lazy and don't wish to put too much effort into cleaning the case, this will be convenient.


The elastic strap allows you to hang it on your luggage or bag when you're traveling. You can attach it to your luggage so you can carry everything with you. No matter where you're going, you can take everything with you.​


  • Memory foam is comfortable
  • Allows you to wash the cover
  • Adjusts to your neck


  • It can get hot wearing it

Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Reviews

High Quality

The neck pillow is made from high-quality materials, allowing you to have better memory foam. It provides quality support when you're using this pillow to get some shut eye. The quality materials allow you to wash the cover in the washer for easy cleaning.


For those that are susceptible to getting too hot when they're sleeping, this pillow has ventilation holes to keep you cool. It has excellent air flow for you to sleep soundly.


No matter where you're planning on going, you can use this neck pillow to sleep anywhere. You can use it in your car, on a train, or on a plane. Even if you're sitting at home, watching TV, you can use this pillow.

Ideal for Gifts

This neck pillow makes an excellent gift for any occasion. You can gift it for Christmas, birthdays, or just as a surprise. No matter who gets to use the pillow, they're going to love it.​


  • Works for long trips
  • The foam has nice density
  • It doesn't cause you to overheat
  • Carrying case makes it ideal for travel


  • The zipper can break easily

 Trtl Pillow Reviews

Ideal for Flying

If you're planning on traveling internationally, you need a neck pillow that can handle the trip. This neck pillow has been scientifically proven to help those that are flying internationally. You can use the pillow for full neck support while you're on the plane.


The pillow has an ergonomic design to reduce any tension or neck pain. Your neck will stay aligned, allowing you to sleep comfortably, and easily. It's ideal for anyone on an extended trip.


The pillow is portable enough to take with you anywhere you want to go. It is half the size of a traditional neck pillow, allowing you to store it in your luggage. No matter where you're going, you want a pillow you can take with you.

Luggage Attachment

The pillow includes a luggage attachment, allowing you to put it on your luggage. When you're traveling, you will notice how much easier it is to take your pillow with you when you can grab it quickly.​


  • It is small
  • The pillow is lightweight
  • It is washable
  • Keeps your head comfortable


  • May need to adjust it for the right position

Push-Button Daydreamer Neck Pillow Reviews

Easy to Inflate

The pillow inflates at the touch of a button. It inflates in about a minute, making it easy for anyone. To deflate it, you can press the air release valve. You don't need to spend time inflating which can be a blessing.

Contoured Neck Support

The pillow has a contoured neck support, making it easy to hold your head up when you're sleeping. Your neck and shoulders won't feel any pain when you're using this pillow. It is an ergonomic design that makes it ideal for anyone traveling.


No matter if you like a soft or firm pillow, you can adjust the pillow to help you fall asleep. You can set it to your personal preference, making it ideal for anyone that wants to use the pillow.


The pillowcase is washable, making it practical for anyone to clean. No matter how much you travel, you want to ensure the pillow stays clean.​


  • It is compact
  • The pillow is durable
  • It is comfortable
  • Easy to use


  • You can get warm quickly

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Travel Pillow


Depending on how well you sleep at night, you can find a neck pillow that allows you to fall asleep comfortably. If neck and back pain keep you awake at night, you need a pillow that provides the support to keep you comfortable.


You want to check out how easy it is to travel with the pillow. If you can put it in your briefcase, it will work perfectly. The weight and size will factor into the portability of the neck pillow and find one that can be compacted. You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for portability if you don't need to.


You should find out what stuffing inside the neck pillow will keep you comfortable while providing optimal support. You can find neck pillows that are filled with gel which keeps you cool when you're wearing it. Other neck pillows are stuffed with cotton, which can keep you warm when you're traveling. You should consider where you're going, and how you plan on using the neck pillow.​


It may be difficult to sleep on a plane or car but using a neck pillow can help you catch a few zzz's. If you're thinking about getting a neck pillow, the Push-Button Inflatable Daydreamer Neck Pillow with Airplane Travel Packsack and Luggage Clip is an excellent choice. It is easy to use, and extremely comfortable.​

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