The 5 Best Sleep Trackers In 2019 To Drastically Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is crucial to everyone's health, and many people don't get enough sleep to handle the daily grind.

Out of the many millions of Americans who have a sleeping disorder, you may have looked at different technologies to help you fall asleep faster and better.

Sleep trackers are an excellent tool that can help you get the right amount of sleep each night, so you're well-rested and healthy.

Looking for an effective solution to help you sleep? The best sleep tracker in 2019 can help.


Benefits of Using Sleep Trackers​

We all have different schedules to keep. Some may function well on just a few hours each day, whereas others need a full 8 hours each night. No matter which group you fall into, you will be surprised by how well you sleep when using a sleep tracker.

Wakes You Up Peacefully

One reason why people feel groggy in the morning is that they are woken up during a sleep cycle. When you're in a deep sleep cycle, your brain is trying to catch up from a relaxed state. The motions you feel when you jerk up to an alarm clock can send your brain into a panic, leaving you groggy and tired through the day.

A sleep tracker will detect when you're at your lightest stage of sleep to help you wake up. It's better than being jerked awake by an annoying alarm clock.​

​Track Your Sleep Patterns

If you're unsure about how much sleep you're getting, using a sleep tracker will tell you. This way, you can use the sleep tracker to your advantage, and change your habits before you lie down for bed. Using this information, you can adjust the bad habits that allow you to sleep peacefully through the night.

Best Sleep Tracker Reviews 2019

 Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Reviews

Not only will this sleep tracker track your sleep, but you can also use it for other health information. It will track your steps, distance, calories burned, and how many stairs you've climbed. Using this information will allow you to track what you do to get a good night's sleep, and cut out bad habits.

You can use the sleep tracker to track how long you sleep through the night. If you wake up unconsciously, you can see how many times you did. Knowing how well you sleep allows you to focus on your health, and how you should be sleeping.

There is a silent alarm on the sleep tracker that only wakes you up when it goes off. The silent alarm will vibrate, stirring you from your slumber. If you share a bed with your partner, they'll appreciate the way the sleep tracker only wakes you up in the morning.

The sleep tracker will sync to your computer or smartphone. It uses Bluetooth technology to automatically sync up to your computer. It's ideal for keeping a record of how well you're sleeping. Since it does everything for you, it doesn't require too much effort to put it on before bed.

The sleep tracker allows you to set your goals for each night. You can track your progress, and earn rewards to keep you going. Having a little incentive will encourage you to try it out if you're having troubles sleeping. You'll feel better in the mornings, and have more energy through the day.


  • It's simple and easy to use
  • Tracks all your health readings
  • Connects automatically to electronics
  • Has plenty of features


  • Can record inaccurately sometimes
  • May not fit on the wrist properly

 Withings Aura Reviews

You can track your transitions into and out of sleep. Some lights and sounds will let you drift off, or start waking you up in the morning. It's better than having an alarm blasting out beeps first thing in the morning. The Smart Wake-Up Light wakes you up during the best time for your sleep cycle.

The sunset lighting will help you relax when you're trying to fall asleep. The sleep tracker does work on smartphones, iOS products and Android devices. There are dedicated sleep and wake up programs to help your melatonin levels reach the proper level for excellent sleep.

The sleep sensor is discreet and fits right under the mattress. It can track your heart rate, breathing cycles, and body movement through the night. The bedside lamp analyzes sounds, temperature, and light levels coming into your bedroom. It tracks all the factors to help you find the perfect setting for sleeping.

The touch-sensitive interface allows you to turn it on and off effortlessly. The analysis the device provides is easy to read and displays your different stages of sleep. You would know the time to fall asleep, and how many times you woke up during the night. It syncs with your devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

If you love going to sleep with the radio on, you can use this device to help you wake up and fall asleep. You can sync your Premium Spotify account for your favorite playlists. The Nest integration provides automatic adjustments of the temperature to improve your sleeping environment.


  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Music is gentle
  • Helps you fall asleep
  • Has a great design


  • Readings may be inaccurate
  • Alarm may go off early

 S+ By ResMed Personal Sleep Solution Reviews

The device allows you to sync up the data with your smartphone or tablet. You can track all your progress while you're sleeping. Having all the information at your fingertips allows you to stay on top of your sleep cycles. You won't have to guess how well you slept the night before.

The S+ has cutting edge programs that allow you to sleep better. You can use the programs to help you fall asleep and show how well you sleep. If you're curious to what happens during your sleep, this is the perfect way to do it. You can relax and sleep more peacefully when you're using this device.

You can see what's affecting your sleeping patterns with the device. You can pinpoint what's keeping you awake, so you can adjust your bedtime habits. If you tend to look at electronics before bed, you can see how it affects your body when you're trying to go to sleep.

All the personalized feedback is perfect for adjusting your bedtime ritual. It records your bedroom environment to let you know if it's too loud or too bright. This way, you can act quickly to ensure you're not losing any sleep by having too many lights on in your bedroom.

Temperature plays a huge role in our sleeping patterns. Adjusting the temperature to the proper place will help you get enough sleep. When the temperature is too hot or cold, your sleep patterns are affected. Understanding the right temperature will help you sleep soundly through the night.​


  • Clear and readable graphics
  • Helpful advice
  • Easy to set up
  • Consistent and accurate
  • Won't shut off in the night


  • The USB cord may go bad
  • The response to the app is slow

 Under Armour UP3 by Jawbone Reviews

The bracelet will monitor your heart rate throughout the day. It's easy to wear, and you won't feel it when you've been wearing it all day. The guidance from the Smart Coach app will direct you and give you the advice to help you sleep.

The advanced sleep tracking mode will capture REM automatically by reading your body movements. You can see when you're in a light or deep sleep cycle, allowing you to wake up easier. The Smart Alarm will go off quietly when it's time to wake up at your optimal sleep cycle.

The bracelet will sync with your Android or iOS device automatically to give you all the information you need. As the battery life lasts up to 7 days, you won't have to worry about the device dying during the week you're wearing it. Charging it every other week will give you an excellent idea of how you're sleeping.

Since the bracelet can be worn during workouts, you can track all your health information. You can see your steps, calories burned, and exercises. It's the ideal way to ensure your health is in proper order. Proper exercise can help you sleep better through the night.

If you want to connect with your family or friends to help you achieve your goals, this bracelet will help you. It is water-resistant and splash-proof, allowing you to wear it in the shower. The only time you'll have to take it off is when the battery needs to be recharged.​


  • Excellent sleep tracking
  • It's compact and lightweight
  • Tracks exercises
  • Companion app is perfect


  • It's difficult to put on
  • Difficult to put in the proper setting

 Sense Sleep System Reviews

The device has plenty of sleep sounds available to help you drift off to sleep. The calming, ambient sounds are perfect to help your mind relax and get ready for bed. It masks disruptive noises through the night, working just like a white noise machine. If you're a light sleeper, you know how loud noises can wake you up.

The sleep monitor on the device will help improve your sleep through the night. You can see how the environment affects your sleep. If it's too hot, you may toss and turn too much. If it's too cold, you may not be capable of relaxing into sleep. You can adjust your bedroom for optimal sleeping performance.

The Smart Alarm will help you wake up easily, and without feeling groggy. You can set the timer on the alarm, and it will wake you up when you're in the lightest phase of the sleep cycle. This allows you to ease into your day easily, and ready to take on the world.

The sleep pill will recognize how you're moving throughout the night. When you're drifting off to sleep, the sleep pill records your movements. It clips onto your pillow, so you're not forced to wear anything. It's ideal for those who don't want to wear any special gadgets on their wrist.

Being compatible with Android and iOS products, the device allows you to monitor your sleep through your phone. You can set the Smart Alarm for when you need to wake up. You can get all the details about your sleep cycle with the easy to use the app.​


  • It has a beautiful design
  • The app is easy to use
  • The Smart Alarm provides easy awakening
  • The readings are accurate
  • No procedure before bed


  • No information on how to get better sleep
  • Not a lot of information


Waking up in the morning can always be a drag.

Whether you're not getting a full night's sleep due to health or another problem, using a sleep tracker can help you pinpoint the issue.

While they may not do everything, they do provide some insight into how you sleep.

We know that everyone has a different sleep schedule, and we want you to have the best night of sleep you can get.​

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