The 3 Best Electric Heated Blankets In 2019 To Keep You Snuggly Warm

When it's winter time, you might think that you have run out of options to keep warm. Maybe you're annoyed with the constant feeling of being cold that you feel like there's nowhere else for you to turn.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you should strongly consider an electric heated blanket.

They are an excellent way to keep warm at all times. Even if you haven't used one in the past, the following information is going to help you find the best electric heated blankets in 2019 to meet all of your needs!


Best Electric Blanket Reviews 2019

 Sunbeam electric blanket reviews

When it comes to maximum comfort while using a blanket, you're going to have a hard time finding a blanket that is much more comfortable than this one right here. This electric blanket comes in a queen size which makes it perfect to add to your bed and you won't even have to worry about it blending in with your room because it is available in nine different color choices, meaning you'll have no problem trying to match the blanket to your already existing color scheme.

The premium soft velvet plush material provides comfortability at all times. Some other great features are the preheat feature as well as the 20 personalized heat settings that allow you to prepare for a perfect night of sleep while experiencing maximum comfort.

​Last but not least, there is a thermofine warning system included with this blanket that helps to monitor the temperature of the blanket. This means that it will auto adjust when necessary so that you get a consistent and even temperature at all times throughout the night. As if all those features aren't enough, you're going to be able to machine wash and dry this blanket.


  • Rich softness with velvet plush
  • Preheat features
  • 20 personalized heat settings
  • Thermofine warming system auto-adjusts the temperature
  • Machine washable and safe for dryer


  • Tough to get it to a comfortable temperature

biddeford electric blanket reviews

If you don't need a queen size blanket for your bed and you realize that you could make do with a smaller one on your bed or a larger one, this blanket comes in sizes of Full, King, Queen and Twin.

This blanket is constructed with a material that is 100% polyester and includes a lot of great features that you're going to love to have at your fingertips every time you use the blanket. For starters, you're going to enjoy the wide variety of heat settings included with this blanket. The digital controls on the remote allow you to select ten different settings so whether you want a lot of heat or just a little heat, you'll have no problem finding the perfect temperature.

Since you may not want to leave the blanket on all night long, you're able to set the timer for a variety of different time lengths all the way up to ten hours. This particular blanket is both machine washable and can go in a dryer for easy cleaning whenever you might need it.​


  • 100% polyester
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Digital controls give you ten different heat settings
  • 10-hour auto shut-off


  • Average overall construction
  • Doesn't get nearly as warm as you would expect

soft heat electric blanket reviews

While this is going to be one of the most expensive options on this list, it does compensate with some great features that you may love. It's important to note that this blanket is available in all bed sizes like Twin, Full, Queen, King and Throw to suit all your needs.

This blanket is made with a luxurious, ultra-soft microfleece material that allows you to enjoy the maximum comfort that you're going to love to cuddle up with at night. Additionally, the patented non-hazardous low voltage technology is going to be safer than most of the blankets that you will find on the market and it helps to save energy and allows you to sleep better in a cold room. If you're going to be sleeping with a partner, this blanket is divided into two separate zones so that you can individually control your side of the blanket without bothering your partner at all.

The ultra-thin wires inside of this blanket make it feel just like a regular blanket so that you don't have to deal with annoying and bulky wires running through the blanket. With a preheat feature, you'll have no problem making sure that your bed is warm and cozy before you head in there for the night. Lastly, the blanket is fully machine washable and can be put in a dryer as well without and stretching, pilling or shrinking.​


  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra-soft micro-fleece fabric
  • Non-hazardous low-voltage technology
  • Two separate heating zones
  • 10-hour auto shut-off
  • Ultra-thin wires
  • Preheat feature


  • One of the more expensive models
  • Several complaints of the blanket getting too hot

Benefits Of Using A Electric Blanket

There is an awful lot to love when it comes to electric blankets. Sure a regular blanket can do a good job on some nights, but for those extra cold nights, the heat that an electric heated blanket gives you just cannot be topped.

First of all, an electric blanket is so much safer now than it used to be in the past. Most of the blankets now use a low voltage wiring that is safer than some of the older models that you might have had in the past. The new versions use a transformer to lower the voltage and ensure the right amount is going through.

Additionally, you're going to be able to keep heat in the room a little bit lower at night thanks to the electric blanket. Since the blanket is going to provide heat right where you need it, you will be able to get away with turning the room heat down and saving money on your electric bill. Lastly, an electric heated blanket is a great way to get uniform heat all over without needing to add layers to yourself or on your bed.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Electric Blankets


When you go to buy an electric blanket, one of the most important considerations you're going to have to decide is what size blanket you want to buy. First, you're going to have to ask yourself how you plan on using your blanket in your home. If you're going to use it in your bed when you sleep at night, then you want to try and find a blanket that is the same size as your mattress so that it will be large enough. If you just want a blanket to use around the house, then you can buy a heated throw blanket. The blankets come in different sizes: King, Queen, Twin, Throw, etc

Are Electric Blankets Safe?

In the past, the answer to this question would have been no. However, there has been a lot of different changes to the way electric blankets work and now they are way safer than they have been in the past. For example, in the past, they would just use the maximum voltage that the outlet put out. However, now there are transformers included in the blanket that controls the output so that a safe, low voltage amount is delivered.


Fortunately, when it comes to electric blankets, there are a lot of different materials and blankets that you are going to find that will ensure you feel comfortable throughout your entire experience. Like regular blankets, some people prefer a softer material while others prefer a more firm material and both of those options are available so that you can get exactly what you want out of the blanket.


There are a couple of different power options when it comes to an electric heated blanket and ultimately it is going to be your choice to decide which one you want to buy. You can purchase a cordless one that uses a battery pack for operation so that you can use it whenever you want to. If not that one, you can use a corded one that plugs into a wall. Typically the corded one is the more common option but it can be inconvenient because you have to be situated near an outlet.


As mentioned earlier, the lower voltage you can find the better because it is going to give you a safer experience without running the risk of injury of any sort. Despite lower voltage, the blanket is still going to be able to heat up and operate normally without any noticeable effects. The biggest difference with the low voltage is that it will limit the flow to the blanket to keep you safer.

Timer/Auto-Off Feature?

This important feature allows you to turn off the blanket without even thinking about it. If you can buy a heated blanket with a timer or an auto-off feature, you should. It's not only safer but ensures that you don't get too hot overnight.


Now that you have read just about everything there is to read about electric heated blankets, you should be equipped to pick out your own and start staying warm at night. By following all of the information provided above along with the product recommendations, you'll be on your way to finding the perfect blanket.​

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