4 Best Computer Glasses In 2019 To Block Blue Light And Sleep Well

Blue light is found all over, from the sun's rays to the digital screens in front of us and it produces more energy than other forms of light.

Blue light is crucial to helping our bodies get ready for bed, and when you are exposed to too much blue light, it can affect your sleeping patterns.

Using glasses to shield the blue light will help you in many ways.

Here are the best computer glasses in 2019 for blocking blue light and sleep better.


Best Computer Glasses Reviews 2019

Gunnar Optiks Intercept Glasses Reviews

Recommended by Doctors

This gaming eyewear will block out the blue light given off by your television or computer screen. It is recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision when you're wearing the glasses. It blocks the glare given off your television or computer screen, reducing eye strain.


The glasses are lightweight, allowing you to wear them for a long time. Your ears won't get worn down, and your pressure points are left alone. The tinted lenses are ideal for gamers that spend multiple hours at a time playing video games.


The glasses are made with extra durability, ensuring you can wear them for a long time. They are made from injection polymer, allowing the glasses to remain lightweight while staying durable. The optical stability of these glasses is ideal for anyone looking for a way to reduce blue light exposure.

They Stay in Place

The glasses will stay in place when you're wearing them, giving them the ultimate stability for you. The lens has a mounting area, which keeps them rigid to prevent the lenses from bending due to lens flexing. They are durable enough to last for years.​


  • They are exceptional
  • The frames are easy to customize
  • The coating makes them soft
  • It will reduce the glare of your screen


  • They may not work for everyone

Spektrum Computer Glasses Reviews

Reduce Eye Strain

When you're wearing these glasses, you'll have a reduction of eye strain. It prevents eyes from drying out by becoming too strained. When you're on the computer, reading a tablet, or watching television, these glasses will allow your eyes to stay comfortable.

Premium Lenses

The premium lenses were created to block blue light rays, and allow your eyes to function properly. Whether you're blinking or looking around, you won't feel your eyes becoming fatigued. It is made with patented technology, and the blue light testing is conducted by a third party.

Keeps Colors Bright

The colors on your television and computer screen won't become distorted, preventing stress on your eyes. Your eyes will stay protected when you're wearing the glasses, making it ideal for anyone at home. It will keep the colors bright and vibrant to your sight.

Durable Frame

The frame is durable enough to withstand falling asleep. The frame was designed to handle just about anything. Even if you fall asleep with the glasses on, the frame won't get bent. This is practical for anyone that tends to fall asleep while watching television.​


  • There isn't a tint to the lens
  • They're comfortable for any wearer
  • Easy to put away
  • The frame is durable


  • They are difficult to keep clean

Official BluBlocker Black Nylon Sunglasses Reviews

Plastic Frame

The plastic frame is ideal for anyone to wear. Since the frame is plastic, it is easy to conform to anyone's head and face, making them comfortable to wear. No matter what your head size is, the glasses will work well for you. It's ideal for anyone to wear the glasses.


The lenses aren't polarized, allowing you to enjoy the colors of your television or computer screen. Some people may be sensitive to the polarized lenses, but that is not a factor with these glasses. They're practical for anyone looking for glasses that are easy to wear.

Reduces Eye Fatigue

When your eyes get tired or strained, they can feel heavy, even when you're not ready to sleep. Using these glasses prevents eye strain and fatigue, allowing you to watch in comfort. They're practical for anyone that spends a significant amount of time in front of a screen.

One of the Most Popular

These glasses have been sold more than 20 million times, lending credence to their popularity. They work well, making them some of the best blue light glasses available. Considering how many they have sold, you know you're getting a quality product with these glasses.​


  • Prevents eye strain
  • Works for wearing during the day
  • Cuts down on glare
  • Good for being on the computer


  • They have a very unique style

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Reviews

Orange Lens

The orange lenses absorb more blue light than other tinted lenses. No matter if you're on your laptop or tablet, you need to have glasses that cut down on blue light. It absorbs around 98 percent of blue light emitted from your electronic devices, protecting your eyes from blue light.

Improved Focus

Since the lenses cut down on blue light rays, your focus will improve. Your eyes won't get strained, and it helps to inhibit other eye maladies, such as cataracts. Other ailments can be reduced when the glasses are worn. They're practical for anyone that uses electronics at any time.


The glasses are comfortable enough to wear all day without wearing down your ears. The lens inclination system makes them easy on your eyes, and you can adjust the frame to fit your head. You will have optimal screen viewing when you're wearing these glasses.

Side Shield

The side shield provides you with excellent clarity when you're wearing the glasses. It has an anti-fog coating, allowing you to watch without having to take the glasses off. The lenses are easy to replace when it's time to get new lenses for your glasses.​


  • Allows your body to produce melatonin naturally
  • Provides excellent blue light protection
  • The quality is worth the price
  • Ideal for anyone that works late on a computer


  • Not ideal for those that wear contacts

Who Is It For?

If you're a person that sits in front of a computer frequently or uses your smartphone on your bed, you may wonder how you can stop blue light from affecting your sleep cycle.

Even when you're outside, you may suffer from blue light waves, and using glasses can help prevent any issues.

Blue light is crucial to helping our bodies rest, and blocking out blue light can help regulate your sleep pattern, especially when it's close to bedtime.​

Benefits of Using Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Using blue light filtering glasses has numerous benefits to help you and your body out. Here are some ways you can benefit from wearing these glasses.

Prevents Damage

There are important fats in your eyes, and when they get damaged, it can lead to a host of eye problems. The DHA essential fats in your eyes convert the sunlight into electric currents your body needs to sleep.

Allows Your Eyes to Make Mitochondria

Your eyes create mitochondria, which helps circulation to your eyes. Limited mitochondria affect how your eyes work.

Helps with Bipolar Disorders

There are those that claim blue light glasses help curb the effects of bipolar disorders. It may help those that suffer from the condition.​


If you're trying to get a better night's sleep, you should consider getting glasses that cut down on blue light. Blue light waves can cause your body to get thrown out of rhythm, which affects your sleep cycle. If you're thinking about getting a better night's sleep, blue light glasses are the ideal solution for you.​

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