The 6 Best Bedwetting Alarms In 2019 To Condition Your Child

There are many types of sleep disorders, and weak bladders can contribute to sleep deprivation.

If your child wets the bed, you may have tried different techniques and products to help him/her combat the condition.

If your child suffering from bedwetting, here are some of the best bedwetting alarms in 2019.


Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews 2019

Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

The new design of the alarm makes this one of the best ones available. It is ideal for kids, and uses a variety of tactics to wake up a child. It combines sounds, lights, and vibrations to wake up the heaviest of sleepers when moisture is detected.

The comfortable feel of the alarm allows your child to wear the device without feeling it. It only weighs an ounce, and is about two square inches, allowing your child to wear the alarm comfortably. It's ideal for children that don't want to wear a bulky machine in their pajamas.

The sensor is upgraded to alert them to the slightest bit of moisture. It has a secure grip that doesn't come off easily. If your child doesn't hear the alarms going off, you will hear them. It will give them enough time to wake up and go to the bathroom.

The smartphone app allows you to hook up the alarm to your phone. You can sync the alarm to alert you when they are starting to go. It's perfect for parents that cannot hear the alarm in their child's room.

The alarms produced by Malem have won awards, making them leaders in the industry. They know how well their products work, and the acclamations ensure the most cautious parent they know what they're doing. This alarm belongs near the top of the best, and you can see why they're so effective.​


  • It conditions children
  • Wakes children up easily
  • Recommended by pediatricians
  • The sensor is sensitive


  • Children can wake up disoriented

TheraPee Reviews

For children that don't want to wear a clip, this bedwetting alarm uses the original design of a pad. It's ideal for those that want a more discreet way of waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It is recommended by Dr. Sagie's Bedwetting Clinics.

The software program is perfect for interactive use. The software is an unlimited free license that parents can use to put in the settings for the pad. Using a hands-on approach will help condition your child to learn how to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

This is the most advanced and most reliable pad to use for your child's bed. It is CE marked and FDA registered, ensuring all the parts are safe for your child. The alarm system meets the safety requirements, allowing your child to sleep in peace, except for when they need to use the bathroom.

The state of the art software allows you to be more engaged in helping your child learn how to use the bathroom at night. The videos show you how the pad works, and what sets them apart from other bedwetting alarm companies.

You can set the pad accordingly. You can enter your child's data into the system, and the steps are shown accordingly. You won't need to guess what needs to be put into the computer.​


  • Wakes up everyone easily
  • Works for children of any age
  • Interactive for the parents
  • Conditions children with bedwetting


  • The pad may not be big enough for some

 Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm for Deep Sleepers Reviews

For those that sleep heavily, this is the bedwetting alarm for them. There are eight different tones available to help your child wake up from their deep sleep. You can control the volume and vibration settings to ensure they hear the alarm going off.

The non-corrosive silicone sensor provides a wide detection area to ensure they wake up. Once moisture is detected, the alarm will start to sound off, waking them up from their deepest sleep.

The 3-in-1 switch allows you to program the sensor for your child to ensure they wake up when the alarm goes off. This system is easy to use, letting you clip it on, and head off to bed, knowing it will go off if moisture is detected.

The mobile app is ideal for parents who are sleeping in a separate room and cannot hear the alarm going off. The app can also tell you if the battery on the alarm is running low, allowing you to plug it in for a full charge. This is ideal for parents that want to monitor how their child is responding to the alarm.

When the alarm goes off, you won't need to spend too much time cleaning the sensor. It dries quickly, allowing you and your child to get back to bed within minutes of using the bathroom.​


  • Clip won't poke your child
  • Easy to put on your child
  • It conforms to their body
  • Different tones prevent child from getting used to one specific tone


  • May not work for every child

Wet-Stop3 Green Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm Reviews

For the price you're paying for this pad, you receive a lot in return. It comes with a bedwetting book on CD, calendar, sticker rewards, and instructions. If you're not privy to using a doctor, this complete set will help you potty train your loved one.

Five loud alarms will help your child wake up when they start to urinate. It produces the loudest sound that is OSHA certified, preventing hearing loss in your child. It's perfect for children that are deep sleepers, and won't wake up to a particular tone.

The sensor easily clips to the underwear of the child, allowing them to move freely while wearing it. There is no tape or pins that you need to use to ensure the sensor is connected. It's easy to clip on, and your child won't even remember they're wearing it.

For children that are having difficulties going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, this is the what the doctor ordered. It was created by pediatricians who understood how difficult it could be to wake up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The product is FDA approved, allowing parents to relax and know the product is safe for their children to use. It is also CE safety certified, making it ideal for parent's that are cautious about hooking their children up to a bedwetting alarm.​


  • Helps conditions children
  • Easy to attach to children
  • The alarm is lightweight
  • Wakes up deep sleepers easily


  • Parents may need to wake up their children

Nytone Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm Reviews

The loud alarm, combined with the vibrations will wake up just about anyone in the house. The bright flashing lights are designed to get the sleepers attention, even if they're a deep sleeper. There are multiple sounds, preventing auditory accommodation.

If your child has trouble wearing certain clothes, they won't even feel the alarm hooked up to their clothes. It is compact, lightweight, and includes a soft armband they won't notice. It is one of the most comfortable bedwetting alarms on the market.

The easy switch enables you to flip the switch to turn it off. It's ideal for those that don't want to mess with too many buttons to shut down the alarm. Turning the alarm off can be cumbersome, but the easy switch is perfect for getting back to bed.

The bedwetting alarm is FDA approved, allowing even the most cautious parents to trust the alarm. You won't lose any sleep wondering if your child is safe, since it is safe to use.​


  • Keeps children dry through the night
  • The construction is high quality
  • Instructions are easy to read
  • Easy to put on your children


  • Parents may need to wake up their children

 Anzacare DRI Eclipse Reviews

If your child is still wearing pullups, this bedwetting alarm fits them perfectly. You can keep the bed completely dry when you combine the alarm with their pullups, and change them out easily. It's better for those in the potty-training phase, and need some extra help to stay dry.

For easy setting up, the clip slides onto the pullup or the small pad in the underwear. It will sense any moisture right away to activate the alarm. For parents that don't want to deal with extra wires, this bedwetting alarm to be aware of.

The wireless alarm allows you to place the sound receiver anywhere in the house. You or your child can turn the alarm off in the middle of the night when they get up to use the bathroom. It's ideal for parent's that don't have direct access to their child's bedroom.

The rechargeable battery is perfect for those that want a simple device that plugs in and recharges. The docking unit allows you to plug the sensor into it, saving you money on expensive batteries. When the battery is running low, just charge it before bed and get ready for sleep.

If your child is having trouble with potty training, this device will help condition them. They are more likely to wake and use the bathroom, rather than sleep through their bedwetting. It encourages them to get up and go to the bathroom quickly and when they need to go.​


  • Wireless for easy use
  • Sensitive to moisture
  • Wakes up children easily
  • No tape or heavy clips


  • Alarm may be slow to respond

What is a Bedwetting Alarm?

Bedwetting is a phase that most children grow out of, but there are certain cases where the child doesn't grow out of it. A bedwetting alarm is an excellent way to help your children that learning how to potty train, because of the way a bedwetting alarm works.

It hooks up inside their pajamas, and a special moisture sensor can trigger an alarm to wake them up when it senses a little bit of moisture. The alarm should wake them up so they can go to the bathroom and finish urinating.

Who is it for?

A bedwetting alarm can work for just about anyone, including older children and adults. Basically, anyone who have troubles getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom can benefit from a bedwetting alarm.

Types of Bedwetting Alarms and How Do They Work?

There are different types of bedwetting alarms available for any child or adult to use. They all use the same system, but use different tactics for waking up anyone sleeping with one.

Wearable Alarms

Wearable alarms hook into the pajamas with Velcro, and send a signal to the alarm sitting nearby. They run up and clip onto the shoulder of their pajamas, and the alarm goes off when moisture is detected. The alarm is loud enough to wake the child or their parents, and they give off different noises. To ensure the child wears the device, attaching it to their pajamas makes sure they're wearing it. If the child doesn't wake up, their parents will hear the alarm going off. It produces noise at 80 decibels, loud enough to get someone's attention.

Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarms are ideal for parents that have a situation where they may not hear the alarm going off in their child's bedroom. You can attach the wires to their pajamas, and keep a speaker in your room to hear the alarm going off. You can adjust the volume with a wireless alarm, allowing you to wake up when the alarm goes off. A wireless alarm is ideal for children that are heavy sleepers, and won't wake up to an alarm only in their room. For potty training purposes, a wireless alarm is ideal for any parent to ensure their children wake up to go to the bathroom.

Bell and Pad Alarms

Bell and alarm pads use the traditional and original concept of bedwetting alarms. A pad is placed on the child's bed, and when moisture is detected, the alarm goes off. A speaker is placed by their bed so they hear the alarm. The biggest problem with a pad alarm is that a child can miss the pad completely, thus wetting their bed. The biggest positive is that it isn't as invasive as a wired alarm. Depending on your child's sleeping habits, you may want to consider getting a pad, especially if they can feel the sensors disrupting their sleep.


Bedwetting is a condition that often happens in children who are potty training. If you're a parent that is trying to teach their children how to use the toilet, a bedwetting alarm is an ideal way to go. While parents may need to wake their children up when the alarm goes off, a bedwetting alarm is the perfect to help your child become conditioned to getting up on their own.

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